Artisan Alchemy in now available!  Our luscious metallic range truly is alchemy at work, transforming plain items by adding the gleam and shimmer of precious metals! Artisan Alchemy is a luscious paint, jam packed with metallic micas to give un-rivalled shimmer.  It requires no base coat* to give an opaque finish, and like all Artisan paints, finishes with a smooth brush free finish.  Artisan Alchemy is self sealing so no topcoat is required.

Due to the incredible opacity, when used for detail work on furniture, only one coat is generally required.

*When painting larger pieces, you may prefer to put a base coat of a similar colour on first - Provencal under Gold, Normandy Stone or Cobblestone under Silver and Merlot under Copper.

Artisan Alchemy Gold Metallic Paint 200ml