Get the Right Brush!

Cling On Brushes are very popular! Made in the Netherlands they have good application and are easy to clean. Wet the brushes before use  squeeze excess water and wipe with a paper towel, keep the brush moist whilst painting using a mist bottle

Artisan Paint Company Brushes  are hand made in Italy and come in a choice of natural bristles or the new blue synthetic brushes. Natural bristles, depending on your technique will give a great authentic "chalk paint' finish or a smoother less brushy finish.

The synthetic brushes  are designed to take a large amount of paint and to apply the paint evenly, minimising brush marks. Paint simply rinses away in water, so they are simple to maintain.

Madelaine Wax Brushes  are another popular brand which apply waxes gently and evenly without losing bristles.

Sleek Brushes are Australian Made and are great alternative if you just want to do a one off paint project and not wanting to pay for a more expensive brush.


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